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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Globes-4th Grade

This project was back by popular demand! I saw a similar idea over at:http://oodlesofart.blogspot.com/, but we changed it up a little. Be prepared, this project took us a good 4 classes! Yikes, I know, but the results were SO worth it! We learned so much vocab with this one: perspective, close-up view, transparent, trapezoid, landscape, winter scene & fore, mid & background. The students really got into the inside drawing since it was supposed to look close to their home...some added some things like a fireplace :)! We started with the outdoor scene in the snow globe, drawing, colored pencils and diamond dust glitter in the snow. We added a trapezoid as the stand. Then we created our background, we drew the perspective part together, then they added their own home-like ideas, colored in with construction paper crayons. They look amazing hanging in our hallways! Great job 4Th graders!

Model Magic Snowmen

After 3rd grade completed the off-center snowman painting we started with a 3-D clay snowman. Model magic is great for this project. This took us two 60 minute classes, one to make the snowman and the second to color in with markers. Makes great little Christmas gifts for the kids to take home!

Angel-1st Grade

I take art work to the local Culver's Restaurant every month. I needed something Christmas and quick for the December display. I started the students out with a 'U' shape to help them get the proportions correct, we drew step by step with sharpie. Student colored in with crayons and added glue and glitter for the halo. Nice work first grade! This took us one 60 minute class.

Giant Christmas Lights

Kindergarten finally did their first painting with this project. We had to draw colors from a hat and trade if needed, this way we didn't have all pink or red lights. I created a large light shape

template, students traced on thick 12X18 paper, cut, made curved line for the top and painted below. The results are always great! I saw this project my first year teaching from the pre-K teacher, thanks Ms. Housewright!

Candy Cane Overlap

I saw this project last year over at Oodles of Art. We changed it just a bit. I did the project with second grade but it was quite a challenge. I let my older graders do this as a holiday bonus project! The results are always great!

Santa Faces

I snagged this project from another art teacher I work with and also a fellow blogger at: http://mymessyartroom.blogspot.com/
Teaches students patter with the fan fold, used texture with the cotton and just all around holiday fun! Thanks for the idea Mr. R!

Off Center Snowman

I've seen this project floating around the blogs for a year or two now. It's a great way to help students understand that art doesn't always have to be straight and in the middle. We did a simple drawing with pencil, painted everything in & dotted the snow with q-tips. We also added a little glitter just for fun!

Basic Shapes Reindeer

First graders created a reindeer by using geometric shapes. When

I showed the students the example they thought it looked too hard, but then we talked about breaking it down into small shapes like circles and ovals. The students did well with this! I gave them two 9x12 pieces, 1 blue & 1 brown. We started by drawing an oval standing up for the head and a oval laying down for the body, 4 rectangles for legs, and a triangle tail. Once we piece the body together we added the eyes, nose and then created the background.