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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crazy Pumpkin Faces

Here's the link where I grabbed this awesome idea: THANK YOU!

This really brought out 1st grade creativity. I usually direct them step x step but this time I was free with how they did the face and the fence. I am so proud of the creative results!

On a side note, I'm under 2 weeks away from my due date..so I have been relying heavy on blogs and posts! I have been giving credit where credit is due to those awesome art teachers coming up with some neat things! Also this is my first year on a cart in about 5 years and it is short-term thank goodness! Our building is adding on and I'll have my lovely classroom back next year! Thanks to all the super duper blogs out there helping a 9 month prego-cart-puller-art teacher through this fall!

Pumpkins with lights and darks

Here's the link above where I saw the original idea. The 3rd graders really enjoyed this project and it make them think about light and shadows. LOVE the construction paper crayons and really wish I would have ordered two big boxes this year!

Pumpkin Perspective


Always a great 2nd grade fall project. End results are fabulous and the kids really seem to enjoy it and get a great idea of perspective. The link where I first saw this is above.


Always a fav in Kindergarten. This year I tried purple paper and 3 different types of brown for the owl feathers. Here's my instuctions from last year:


I found this at the wonderful Blue Moon Palette blog, her instructions are below:


Results were AWESOME!