Thursday, May 28, 2015

Happy Summer

The last post of the school year! I just snapped a few photos before I took down all the art & handed it back to students. Happy summer! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Spring art!

Here are some things my students have been working in this spring!

Exploding dots hanging from the ceiling-idea from Pinterest - can't locate the original- group collaboration
The great wave off Kanagawa- Hokusai - reproductions grade 4
Matisse inspired fish bowls- kindergarten 
Collagraph prints by grade 3-idea courtesy of mrs. Knights smartest artists
American gothic parody- grade 5

Seahorse collage- kindergarten 
Cityscapes- grade 2

George Rodrique style blue dogs-grade 2
Neon weavings- grade 1

Friday, November 21, 2014

Chihuly inspired winter chandeliers

I decided to do something new for my hanging art winter display - so we looked at Dale Chihuly's art and went from there. Many of the students had seen a Chihuly sculpture out and about before, there are a few displays in St. Louis. We painted paper towel rolls white (or 2 toilet paper rolls taped together), and a grouping of 6 spirals glued together- each chandelier used 6-7 groups of spirals. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November projects

Hi all! Here are some projects up and around the hallways these days. 
Kandinsky trees using printmaking & overlapping. First grade project working on cutting gluing & tracing tree template.
Paul Klee 'castle & sun' third grade project using oil pastels, color schemes and watercolor resist.
Kindergarten gum ball machines looking at Wayne Theibauds ' three machines' - students practices cutting skills, placement & filling the area.
Sunrise fall trees- by grade 4. Students worked on tints & brush control. I saw a painting similar on Pinterest so I modified it for elementary.
City skylines but grade 4. This project was the follow up from mixing tints in the sunrise to making shades in a sunset. The kids really enjoyed the control to mix their own shades.

A little bonus activity for students who finished early! I found this how to draw page at ' art projects for kids' thanks! We also watched a short clip in the importance of Thanksgiving and took a virtual tour of the Mayflower. 
By grade 3

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finished projects on the wall

I just wanted to share some of the student work up around the hall. I always think it looks better on display!
Victorian architecture- grade 5

Klimt trees with hidden symbols- grade 4
Secondary color mixed funny face pumpkins- grade 1
Mr. E's Corn-din sky style corn- great idea- thank you!
Modified batik method pumpkins with shallow relief- grade 3