Monday, October 20, 2014

Spider web follow up~

I was pretty happy with the web results from second grade! Here are how a few turned out-

Friday, October 3, 2014

October projects

Fall is my ultimate fave! Here are a few projects I'm doing right now with some if my classes.  

Third grade are doing a modified batik style pumpkin with light & dark orange-plus it's a shallow relief (glued on top if packing peanuts.

Fifth grade is drawing an elevation in Victorian style architecture-with some spooky additions if they'd like

Second grade resist web resist with color wheel pattern-and the little 3D spiders makes this another shallow relief.

Classic 3D pumpkin is the bonus project for the students who finish a little early. Toliet paper rolls worked well on this 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Square 1 art projects

The second project of the school year is for our square 1 projects. K-5 all do something different and I always try to make them colorful. I've been working with the square 1 company for 3 years now & I really like it- I actually wished I would have done it sooner. The kids enjoy seeing their art printed & we can have new supplies in the art room with the extra cash! 
5th- sunset 
4th- chameleon 
3rd- folk art landscape
2nd- patterned owl
1st- foxes 
K- rainbow hearts

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Back!

FINALLY! After a little blog vaca, I'm back! I can finally upload photos with my phone, rather than remembering to bring my camera to school-which always seemed to be the problem. So expect more posts coming soon! 
BTW- This picture is of my mother (left) and myself at 'Painting with Twist'-a popular hangout among artsy peeps! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FALL ART! Hanging Leaves-Bonus Project

Here we are again, he beginning of a new school year. We are back and going strong here in the art room. I already have students finished with their first art the questions begin "What do I do, I'm done?" Oh yes, no what!? I am so tired of dishing out 'free draw,' model clay, drawing book stations...ect. So I am now planning to do a group project/collaborative art for early finishers. The first one of the year were these lovely free falling leaves. I had plenty of leaves mod podged through the years and templates made-so student were to trace, cut and create a leaf as real as possible. They used watercolor as a final touch of color. I hung the little mobiles but 1/2 a toilet paper roll and filled it by stringing on leaves. WAY better that wasting free draw paper! Plus- we work with warm colors, cutting, observations of leaf veins and a little watercolor practice. I plan on doing many more of these types of things for my early finishers!!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Collaborative art-Ideas from Pinterest

Group Project- 5th Grade

Pirates by 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Standing Pirates- Toliet Paper Roll taped to the back for a 3-d effect

2nd Grade Standing Pirates

2nd Grade Parrots

2nd Grade Rainbow Parrots-End of the year Project

Last project for 1st grade

Flamingos-Last project by 1st grade: Idea- "365 Things to make and do" By Fiona Watt

Icecream soda Prints-Idea from: '365 Things to make and do' By Fiona Watt

Ice cream soda Prints-K

Icecream Soda Prints by Kindergarten

Classroom at the end of the year

This is it! The last day of school is here! I've had a hard time logging on to my Blog from school and home-so it's taken me a while to get a post up. Above are some of the group projects from the end of the year as well as some K, 1 & 2 last projects. It's all done, time to pack up & head out!! Thanks for a great year and I'll see you soon!!! HAPPY SUMMER!!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hanging 'round the halls

5th Grade Collaborative Art Mural

A few of the Thursday classes were ahead so I tried some collaborative mural art with the students. I thought it turned out really neat for a 1 hour group activity. Perfect for the last day before spring break.

Asymmetrical Balance painting focused on balance in line, shape and color-based on artists Robert & Sonia Delaunay: 5th Grade

Mondrian Prints by Kindergarten

Clay burgers 4th & Cupcakes 1st grade

Pop Art Display

Cheetah's by grade 3

Here are a few pictures of the hallways lately. We are almost on spring break...woohoo!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Clay Burger Update

Well I've definitely found a keeper! I love this project and the kids do too! We based the project on Pop Art and the way famous pop artist took and everyday object and made it into art. I fired the burgers with the toothpick inside to hold them together, then the students painted the layers and used Mod Podge to glaze and help hold the burger together. Some students got a new toothpick and put it back through, especially if they had an olive on top. I am very pleased with this project! Nice work 4th Graders!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I started a pop art unit with 4th grade students this week. I have seen clay cupcakes floating around the Internet but I decided to go with clay burgers. I love Claes Oldenburg's food sculptures so I decided to base the project around him and pop art. The students had a BLAST on this project, lots of creative ideas. I held them all together with a toothpick. My plans are to pull the toothpick out before firing and return once the clay is cooled. I will have the students paint their burger and seal it with mod podge. I thought about glazing but decided tempera paints will look bright and 'pop artish' stay tuned for the end results! Glad to be back in the blog world! I hadn't had much to share because my classes were all working on the 'Square 1 Art' fundraiser...more on that later! Happy Wednesday Y'aLL!

Rainbow Love!

If you know me, you know I love rainbows! I organize anything from my clothes to paints to papers in rainbow order. Kindergarten students created this two step project. Step 1 was creating a cool color background resist with watercolors. I usually do this project alone and call it a winter cool color resist but my heart was telling me to try something new...or I saw the rainbow on pinterest and decided to add it on to the cool color resist :) The rainbow was made by torn or cut scraps of paper. I drew the arch for the students and they followed it. Goes good for March too!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Collages-Alma Woodsey Thomas Style

Cut or torn-Alma Woodsey Thomas Collages...always a hit in 3rd grade and a super way to use up the scrap box that is overflowing this time of year.
Original post HERE

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hearts-Jim Dine

I've done this project several different ways over the years but once again changed it up this year. I asked the students to follow the color wheel around when doing their crayon rubbing over the texture plates--making sure to overlap each color in order to achieve the intermediate colors. I base this project on actual and implied textures but now it's became a color wheel project too. The background was done with watercolor markers. At the end we added glitter for texture-I've also done foil in the past.
We also checked out several works of art by Jim Dine.

More Wolf Kahn Trees-3rd

I pulled this project out from two years ago (original post)  and decided to change some things. We really always keep growing as teachers. I decided this time to have the students add a shadow to the trees using the color that would be the next shade darker. The students used oil pastels and pressed very hard with color #1 and then on just one side and branches with the next shade darker- color #2. On day 2 we studied the color wheel and chose contrasting analogous colors for the watercolor background. I added salt at the end and came out with a nice wintry scene. We also looked at several paintings by Wolf Kahn- HERE.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Project Over Load!

A snapshot of the board examples...we're in the holiday spirit 'round here!

So whatcha gonna do, I've been quite the slacker on my blog post, just a little busy I'd say. Here are just a few examples of what's happening in the art room. The kids are so excited this time of year and keeping them hard at work on holiday projects doesn't really seem like work at all! Some of the art projects are classic favs of mine and although I do like keeping new stuff floating in the mix, the older things keep getting better and better each year. The top is a newer project the 'Whimsical Tree.' I got this idea from a paint place here, where people can go in groups or for parties and paint, snacks, drinks and fun. Looks like a hoot, I haven't found one in the St. Louis area yet so if anyone knows of one let me know! I do know there is one in Columbia, MO here.

Whimsical Tree-Basic step by step and watercolor fun!

Next is the Candy Cane over lap project. I found this project years ago when the blog world was just a baby ;)-the post is here.

Candy Cane Overlap

Elf on a Shelf- Kindergarten

Elf on the Shelf using simple shapes and lines. A huge hit with the Kindergartners who all have Elves in their classrooms.

Snow globes by 4th graders- Read more here.

String the lights- From 'Art Project Girl' a while back, couldn't find the link.

Reindeer stuck on the window: here!

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays to ALL!!!