Friday, November 21, 2014

Chihuly inspired winter chandeliers

I decided to do something new for my hanging art winter display - so we looked at Dale Chihuly's art and went from there. Many of the students had seen a Chihuly sculpture out and about before, there are a few displays in St. Louis. We painted paper towel rolls white (or 2 toilet paper rolls taped together), and a grouping of 6 spirals glued together- each chandelier used 6-7 groups of spirals. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

November projects

Hi all! Here are some projects up and around the hallways these days. 
Kandinsky trees using printmaking & overlapping. First grade project working on cutting gluing & tracing tree template.
Paul Klee 'castle & sun' third grade project using oil pastels, color schemes and watercolor resist.
Kindergarten gum ball machines looking at Wayne Theibauds ' three machines' - students practices cutting skills, placement & filling the area.
Sunrise fall trees- by grade 4. Students worked on tints & brush control. I saw a painting similar on Pinterest so I modified it for elementary.
City skylines but grade 4. This project was the follow up from mixing tints in the sunrise to making shades in a sunset. The kids really enjoyed the control to mix their own shades.

A little bonus activity for students who finished early! I found this how to draw page at ' art projects for kids' thanks! We also watched a short clip in the importance of Thanksgiving and took a virtual tour of the Mayflower. 
By grade 3

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finished projects on the wall

I just wanted to share some of the student work up around the hall. I always think it looks better on display!
Victorian architecture- grade 5

Klimt trees with hidden symbols- grade 4
Secondary color mixed funny face pumpkins- grade 1
Mr. E's Corn-din sky style corn- great idea- thank you!
Modified batik method pumpkins with shallow relief- grade 3

Monday, October 20, 2014

Spider web follow up~

I was pretty happy with the web results from second grade! Here are how a few turned out-

Friday, October 3, 2014

October projects

Fall is my ultimate fave! Here are a few projects I'm doing right now with some if my classes.  

Third grade are doing a modified batik style pumpkin with light & dark orange-plus it's a shallow relief (glued on top if packing peanuts.

Fifth grade is drawing an elevation in Victorian style architecture-with some spooky additions if they'd like

Second grade resist web resist with color wheel pattern-and the little 3D spiders makes this another shallow relief.

Classic 3D pumpkin is the bonus project for the students who finish a little early. Toliet paper rolls worked well on this 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Square 1 art projects

The second project of the school year is for our square 1 projects. K-5 all do something different and I always try to make them colorful. I've been working with the square 1 company for 3 years now & I really like it- I actually wished I would have done it sooner. The kids enjoy seeing their art printed & we can have new supplies in the art room with the extra cash! 
5th- sunset 
4th- chameleon 
3rd- folk art landscape
2nd- patterned owl
1st- foxes 
K- rainbow hearts

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm Back!

FINALLY! After a little blog vaca, I'm back! I can finally upload photos with my phone, rather than remembering to bring my camera to school-which always seemed to be the problem. So expect more posts coming soon! 
BTW- This picture is of my mother (left) and myself at 'Painting with Twist'-a popular hangout among artsy peeps! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FALL ART! Hanging Leaves-Bonus Project

Here we are again, he beginning of a new school year. We are back and going strong here in the art room. I already have students finished with their first art the questions begin "What do I do, I'm done?" Oh yes, no what!? I am so tired of dishing out 'free draw,' model clay, drawing book stations...ect. So I am now planning to do a group project/collaborative art for early finishers. The first one of the year were these lovely free falling leaves. I had plenty of leaves mod podged through the years and templates made-so student were to trace, cut and create a leaf as real as possible. They used watercolor as a final touch of color. I hung the little mobiles but 1/2 a toilet paper roll and filled it by stringing on leaves. WAY better that wasting free draw paper! Plus- we work with warm colors, cutting, observations of leaf veins and a little watercolor practice. I plan on doing many more of these types of things for my early finishers!!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Collaborative art-Ideas from Pinterest

Group Project- 5th Grade

Pirates by 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Standing Pirates- Toliet Paper Roll taped to the back for a 3-d effect

2nd Grade Standing Pirates

2nd Grade Parrots

2nd Grade Rainbow Parrots-End of the year Project

Last project for 1st grade

Flamingos-Last project by 1st grade: Idea- "365 Things to make and do" By Fiona Watt

Icecream soda Prints-Idea from: '365 Things to make and do' By Fiona Watt

Ice cream soda Prints-K

Icecream Soda Prints by Kindergarten

Classroom at the end of the year

This is it! The last day of school is here! I've had a hard time logging on to my Blog from school and home-so it's taken me a while to get a post up. Above are some of the group projects from the end of the year as well as some K, 1 & 2 last projects. It's all done, time to pack up & head out!! Thanks for a great year and I'll see you soon!!! HAPPY SUMMER!!