Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FALL ART! Hanging Leaves-Bonus Project

Here we are again, he beginning of a new school year. We are back and going strong here in the art room. I already have students finished with their first art project...so the questions begin "What do I do, I'm done?" Oh yes, no what!? I am so tired of dishing out 'free draw,' model clay, drawing book stations...ect. So I am now planning to do a group project/collaborative art for early finishers. The first one of the year were these lovely free falling leaves. I had plenty of leaves mod podged through the years and templates made-so student were to trace, cut and create a leaf as real as possible. They used watercolor as a final touch of color. I hung the little mobiles but 1/2 a toilet paper roll and filled it by stringing on leaves. WAY better that wasting free draw paper! Plus- we work with warm colors, cutting, observations of leaf veins and a little watercolor practice. I plan on doing many more of these types of things for my early finishers!!