Friday, September 28, 2012

5th Grade Colorful Landscapes

Another spin from a Pinterest link, finding lots of good stuff over there! I think I've tried new projects with every class this far from Pinterest. This was a project about fore, mid and backgrounds, balance in the composition, and of course we worked around the color wheel. We did a step X step drawing first, the students could add a little of their own flair to the picture, sharpie step, and then they used lines to follow the shapes for a little more visual interest and last we painted with liquid water color. The results are super! I just sent some to our local Culver's Restaurant where they display our schools work every month.
 Does your school do any type of public display on a regular basis?

First Grade Trees

Another little spin off pinterest. This is a 2 day-er for 1st grade. Warm color tissue paper put down with watery glue and brown scribbled paper for day one. Day two we crumpled the brown paper for extra tree bark texture and talked about how a tree starts large and then branches out with medium and smaller twigs. A little log border was a final touch. I have a group of the and I'll re post as soon as I take the picture!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Love this little project, just makes my heart happy. Actually I was SO excited to put them up you can still see a little glue dripping from the group picture. Last year I had the kindergarten do Elmo, but decided to switch things up this year by another teacher suggesting I do Grover instead. I really think they turned out great. My Kinder friends worked on tearing paper, dipping in the glue and cutting more circles and ovals! Love these! Here are the Elmos from last year, which do you like best?

Bird Cages-Grade 1

I've always wanted to do a little bird cage project so this was the year and the time. We started off drawing three birds, sharpie, color in the primary colors and then we did a little watercolor over the top. Day 2 we drew large cages and colored them in, glued the birds with a little tissue paper wing for texture and used black strips of paper for our vertical and horizontal lines. Fun times in 1st grade!

Starry Starry Night

This here folks is a little 'pinspiration'. Grabbed this little number from pinterest, gosh what did we do before? 2nd graders enjoyed learning about Vincent van Gogh. Such a sad sorry but they are always so interested in the cutting of the ear, and I'm sure they'll always remember van Gogh and Starry Night forever. We even listened to Don Mclean's version of Starry Night- funny story: I had one kid that was listening and he kept saying "gosh this singers voice sounds familiar," then I could see the light bulb all of the sudden the kid (2nd grade mind ya!) said oh " Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie!" Wowza, that kid is good!
So anyways, fun little project- background is in watercolor with oil pastels.

Self Portraits

This was a start off project for my first graders. We've done self portraits in the past but I decided to have them cut around and glue onto their color choice. We started with the 'U" shape in the middle and that's the greatest tip ever for getting the faces centered and not too terribly small. The kids did great! Sharpie outline and crayon, glue & scissors. Just a basic to get us back in the swing of caring for supplies and using basis tools in the art room. 

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