Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oil Pastel Still Life-Grade 3

I started this lesson by talking about a still life and showing a few examples a still life from artist like: Van Gogh, HenriRousseou, and Rachel Ruysch. I would normally set up a still life but it's one less thing I need to manage on a cart (back in the classroom next year! woohoo!). I demonstrated several ways to draw a vase and also showed ways to draw different types of flower. The students were supposed to show balance with their flowers, add a light and dark tone to each color and color with the shape. The only coloring that could be straight was the table which is flat. We were trying to show dimension with the two colors (ex: light green and dark green for the stem). I was excited with the results! They look amazing hanging in the hall! The black construction paper worked well with the oil pastels too!