Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Summer!

This is the end of a year on a cart! So happy to get my room back! The new addition is finished and my art tables just arrived back this morning! It will be great to have my own space back for next year and a big perk returning in the fall! Here are a few of our summer projects that will be on display this summer at our local Culver's restaurant.
No real plans around here for me. Just back to being an all day mommy to my 7 month and 3.5 year old. The blog will slow down a bit, it's always good to take a break!
Have a great summer to all! Enjoy, take time for yourself and family!
See ya soon!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Chameleons Grade 3

My third graders love love loved this!! Their classroom teachers said they were doodling these chameleons everyone on their notes, notebooks and scratch paper. I showed them this step by step video HERE and then they followed me again step by step on the board. We also worked with shading and blending oil pastels. Very cool!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A lil' Mondrian-Kindergarten

Students in Kindergarten had previously worked with vertical and horizontal lines. We continued those lines right into a Mondrian style project. We reviewed primary colors and created a pictures based from Piet Mondrian's painting Broadway Boogie Woogie. Student enjoyed making city blocks, streets and colorful cars!

Cupcakes! 1st Grade

I showed students several cupcake images to observe the variety of toppings, colors and icing types. We did a step by step drawing together in pencil, then outlined with sharpie and finally students used tempera cakes. Once dry we cut and glued onto a matching color. I think next year I'll try watercolor instead for brighter paints. Looked fun in the hallways! Students love this!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cityscapes-European Inspired

Students looked at cities like Paris, Florence & Moscow to compare the style of city they would create. We talked about the roof shapes, window styles and the way people live in a city compared to a smaller suburban town. We drew step by step breaking down each piece into shapes and worked front to back. We finished in tempera cakes, I do think watercolor would be a better option for next year. Fun and colorful!