Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Look, New School Year...

A brand new school year is up and coming quick, but I'm sure I don't even need to tell you that! Summer always goes fast but life anymore with two kids just flys period. I'm so ready to get back into my classroom after a year on a big honkin' cart. I miss my space, my tables, chairs, sink, and just my classroom home. I love to decorate my room so it feels homey and comfortable, I already love to be there but extra comforts add a little more cush! Here are some things that make my room a little more like home:
*Little 4 cup coffee pot sending waking coffee bean aromas down the hall, everyone knows when I've arrived
*My fridge with water, soda and lunch-sometimes you just need a refreshment
*Microwave-b/c you how those lean cuisine's get backed & stacked up in the teachers lounge
*Pictures of my little darlin's as well as the hubster
* Holiday decor: fall things, halloween, Christmas, Easter, name it-we have decor
*Personal artwork-or from college since I've had no time to make my own since I got married, had kids and work full time...someday
*Vases full of spray painted sticks add height to the room & are nice for hanging those Christmas ornaments.
* Butterflies, lanterns, & mobiles hanging from the ceiling

So I had lost my room due to a building that was packed and out of rooms. The addition is finished and my room will once again become an art room instead of a 4th grade class. I am very excited to get started putting everything back in it's place. I will post pics as soon as I get back into it.
So the summer has been busy taking care of two kids, my daughter is almost 4 and my son is already 9 months...geez! 
I decided today to re-do my blog and freshin' things up a bit around here. I am having trouble posting pictures today though & no spell give me a break peeps. I wanted to show you what I'd been up to re-making for my classroom but guess it'll have to wait. I see my post board but it looks like some icons are missing for some reason-or it could be this computer is as old Mother Hubbard. Any whoo, will keep trying.
I'm looking forward to getting things back in action in the art world and posting new ideas, sharing info and just being awesome art teachers!
Here's to the last bit of summa time folks!