Monday, February 21, 2011

Current Display Case

Here's the display case. It's showing the aboriginal paintings, fiber weavings and clay snails! I love a full display case!

5th Grade Foreshortening

Here are the end results from our foreshortening project. The kids did great! Lots of action and expression in their work. I was very excited to get this project out on display. It took about 4 weeks but seemed like forever with the added snow days. Great results and super job 5Th grade!

4th Grade Straw Weavings

A first timer project here for me. The 4th grade curriculum says they should do a fiber weaving. I decided to use straws and fun colors of yarn. I googled 'straw weaving' and found pretty clear directions. I started off step by step slow to being with but this project was either a jump out success for some or an ultimate struggle for others. It surprised me how some classes had no problems and in other classes hands were up everywhere. I almost needed an assistant. This took us 3 class periods and I thought the end projects actually looked really good. The kids are going to used them as book marks.

Aboriginal Hands

This was a hit with some kids and a miss with others. The concentration and patience it took to fill in the dots either seemed like a big accomplishment for some students or a waste of time for others. We talked about Aboriginal people and culture then traced our hand added a simple back ground and used the handle of our paintbrushes to add the detail dots. I was pretty happy with the results! May take another approach to this next year and try a symbol instead of the hand.

Clay Snails 2nd Grade

Second grade used a coil to made the shell for their snails. After they dried we used glazes to paint on the shell and the body. We talked about the stages of clay as well as form and sculpture.

Clay Snails 2nd Grade

Kindergarten's Totally Texture

The kindergarten enjoyed all the mess that went along with this project. We first started off with texture plates and did a rubbing. Over that we did a thin watercolor wash. Day 2 the students used gadgets & bright paint to make prints over the texture from the class before and finally we used foil for a little border. It was a great project and it really got all the forms of texture from visual to implied.

Saturday Visit to the St. Louis Art Museum

On Saturday there was a new Dick Blick art store opening in University City. The first 25 teachers got a free back of goodies and a chance to win $1000 shopping spree for their classroom. Okay, I was there, got the bag of goodies and am hoping to hear that I won ;)! Since we were so close to Forest Park and the STL Art Museum my husband and I went for a little visit. The museum is under construction so there wasn't a whole lot of special displays, just the normal art. We managed to see a couple of Thomas Hart Bentons, a few VanGoghs, was fun. My husband has never been to an art museum and kept asking if these were the real thing. Kind of funny, but if you're always used to seeing prints it's really hard to believe you're staring at a true original!