Thursday, December 15, 2011


I've noticed each year the 'Elf on a Shelf' becomes more and more popular. I have a couple Kindergarten classrooms that have their very own elf this year too. By special Kinder artist request, they asked me to create an elf project for them. So here are the very fun results! We did step by step focusing on geometric shapes and layering. Some students even bent the arms and legs like a real elf. Here are the measurements I used:

Green-background: 9X12

Red (2) hat/torso: 3X4



Peach-face: 3x3

Red -Legs/arms: 3X6 students cut in long strips for 2 arms/2 legs

White-hat rim/collar/mittens: 2x3

Shape Reindeer

I love having the kids use basic shapes to create. I believe it helps them learn to draw later on by breaking things down into shapes. Students were given: Blue 9x12, brown 6x9, white 2x9, tan 6x6 & red 2x2. I gave them an example and let them go to town on creating their own reindeer. They all have their own little personality too!

Polyhedron Ornaments

This is a project I've taught for several years and a favorite of the students. I cut 4.5 squares, the students need 4 white and 4 other colors, I chose Christmas colors ofcourse any will do. Use the template to create 8 nice circles. Decorate only the white with very detailed patterns or scenes. Once finished use the equilateral triangle as a folder. To put it all together I used regular Elmer's, put two sides together (one white, one color), then bend and put 2X2, then 4X4 for a whole Octahedron shape. I punch a hole at the top & string!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

First week back from maternity leave this week! It's been great getting back in the groove! To ease back in, I've started a few of my 'go-to' holiday lessons, they can be found here. Newer things will have to come next year, being gone for 6 weeks throws a ringer in starting everything from scratch!

I found pictures of the gingerbread project 5th graders did a few years back. We used cardboard, hot glue and lots of paint. Students worked in groups since it was such a big project -6X6 square. A great way for kids to work in teams which doesn't always happen in art. If you prefer individual work try making smaller homes-(4X4 or 3x3). I assisted with the hot glue and you could even have them pre-made for student use. Students looked at several examples, painting all with brown and then added windows, doors...ect. This took about 3 classes. We finished with clear glitter for the roof top.