Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hi Blog Readers!

Hi readers! I am back with a few new blog posts.  It's a new year and with that, I've signed up to get my Master's +30 at Fresno Pacific University.  I am taking a class called "All Things Google" and am really gaining some great information from it.  One of the tasks we are supposed to do is create a blog.  I knew I had already created this lovely blog ages ago but with the world of Instagram sharing, I've neglected it severely.
One thing I'd like to put out there is the true purpose of this blog.  When I started this blog I did it for art teachers to share ideas, comment, and connect.  There were so many great art blogs with great ideas that I wanted to share my own.  My target audience is art teachers or those who need ideas when teaching art to students or their children.
I hope all my readers are doing well.  I had a share this funny picture with purple handprints I found on a Friday during a crazy Kindergarten class.  We were doing a printmaking project with various objects.  Somehow my printing analogy  "a handprint is like printmaking" was taken very seriously by these little darlings and someone printed on the floor.  I still chuckle at this project and it's a good reminder of how kids take things so literally.  Enjoy the weekend!    

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