Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunflower Inspiration

Have you ever seen fields and fields of sunflowers!? They are just amazing and gave me inspiration for my next first grade project that we are starting up today. I think we are going to view some Sunflower paintings, of course van Gogh and Diego Rivera 'Girl with Sunflowers.' I can't wait to see how these turn out!

Anyways, spent the labor day weekend in northern Missouri at my parents house. There is a conservation area with fields of these beautiful flowers! I'm so glad my dad suggested that my daughter, mom and I take a visit! I hadn't see fields of sunflowers since I'd been in Italy in 2001!

FYI- I'll be taking a 6 week break coming up in Mid-October. I'm having baby #2 and will have a sub. So forgive me for the lack in posts! I'll be back strong come December!!

Elmo Faces

Kindergarten students start off with basic gluing, cutting and tearing skills. They first tore lots of red paper, we cut a 1/2 circle for the smile and put those two things down. I had a circle traced so the kids could stay in the line. We cut two circles and added pupils. Last, each student received an orange rectangle and together we cut into an oval for the nose. The expressions are just hilarious! I am thinking Grover next year!

Clowns Again...

Love, Loved this little project from last year, here was my post from then:

I need to give credit to Kathy and her blog Art Projects for kids-Thank You!:

She has AWESOME step X step drawings and this clown is one I got from her great site.

The first graders have to really focus on filling up space and coloring in dark with the oil pastels. I get some scary clowns every now and then, but for the most part they look pretty innocent! I think it scares some of the teachers more than the kids!

Rectangle People

Another one from the great Blue Moon Palette--I love it over there at her site!

We added some landscape features on ours. Love the ways these turned out!

Warm-Cool Fish

Here's an oldie but goodie! These grid fish are a super project to start off the year by reviewing colors, drawing and using a ruler. Students used a large variety of cool colors and then used markers for the fish. The students could choose which color of construction paper to mount their project on. Nice work 3rd Grade!


I found this great idea over at Blue Moon Palette-found at the link below

I let the students change up the color if they chose to. We talked about lines, animals and the word domesticated. We learned that horses are domesticated but zebras are not. So we did a comparison of zebra v. horse.

For color we outlined in marker and colored in crayons. This was a great starter project for my 5 classes of 4th grade. Thank you so much Blue Moon Palette!