Saturday, September 11, 2010

Radial Symmetry 5th Grade

This is always a classic starter project for my fifth graders. A little challenge, a lot of thinking and super results for everyone! Variety in line and shape is a huge focus for this one. Each student starts with a 6x6 paper square and start a design in the bottom right corner, I tell this this will eventually be the middle of their paper. Once their design is finished they sharpie both sides of the paper because they will be flip-flopping it once they trace on the large 12x12 paper. Large paper is folded into 1/4's then unfolded, the student usually use a paper clip to clip the small square behind the first section, trace with sharpie, flip the design and trace in the second on until their design in a complete shape. Students use smelly Mr. Sketch markers and the results are always awesome!

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