Friday, November 12, 2010

Watercolor means water + color!!!

Just curious and wonder if elementary kids ever get the hang of watercolors in the cake style palettes. I have taught them so many times about making a puddle of water in the color and never digging deep to get the paint. Still it seems I get projects where the watercolor is thick and sticky...and the kid has used enough of the color for the whole class! I purchased the liquid style watercolors last year and have had pretty good luck with them yet there are problems too! They are so runny that if bumped the colors run together. I usually transport them to tables but still by the end of class the colors are all brown it seems. I love using watercolor, I think it's my favorite medium...yet how do I get the kids to understand it's water with a hint of color!? I've demonstrated until I'm blue in the face and still...I catch a few little darling's still dipping in like we're using tempera!! Any suggestions or does anyone else have the same problem?

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