Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

First week back from maternity leave this week! It's been great getting back in the groove! To ease back in, I've started a few of my 'go-to' holiday lessons, they can be found here. Newer things will have to come next year, being gone for 6 weeks throws a ringer in starting everything from scratch!

I found pictures of the gingerbread project 5th graders did a few years back. We used cardboard, hot glue and lots of paint. Students worked in groups since it was such a big project -6X6 square. A great way for kids to work in teams which doesn't always happen in art. If you prefer individual work try making smaller homes-(4X4 or 3x3). I assisted with the hot glue and you could even have them pre-made for student use. Students looked at several examples, painting all with brown and then added windows, doors...ect. This took about 3 classes. We finished with clear glitter for the roof top.


  1. These look fantastic- I've alaways wanted to try a 'permanent' cardboard type of gingerbread house. Did any of the houses warp once painted? That always happens to me when I use paint on cardboard...

  2. Hi!
    No warpping. We just put a thin coat of tempera on the outside. They were actually really sturdy!
    Thanks for looking!