Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I'm back! Oh yea!

So I was FINALLY able to download some pictures here! It took me 3 WHOLE days to get back in order. Here are the pictures in reverse order. So much to unload, organize and hang of the most dreaded days ever! Time sure does fly though!
First week has gone great and I am so happy to be back into my classroom after a year on wheels. My classes are busy going through our basic procedures and class expectations. Our school is using the positive behavior policy I've read a lot of other blogger's using too-lots to implement but great things after I've heard!
I started with some simple high success projects with the students, pictures coming soon.
I hope everybody's first week, day ? Whatev!...has gone super!!

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  1. I'm excited for you to have a room again. I am on a cart this year while they are remodeling the side of the school that has the art room. I never thought I would ever be roomless but will LOVE the new room when it is done. I will be the first art teacher in the room and I have always inherited rooms and problems. Looking to the bigger picture and feeling the lack of organization carting has.