Monday, October 1, 2012

Candy Corn Dish- Fun Art 4 Kids Idea

HERE! is where I've been saving this little gem of a project for TWO years, ya! I'm back in my classroom and off the cart so by all means we are starting clay up right away! I did these little slab dishes with second grade. I also forgot to do the bisque fire...oops really busy, so I skipped a step and had the kids glaze onto the green ware...results were no different from the classes where I bisque fired and then glaze fired! AWESOME! Now I don't have to do so much firing!! Yee HOO! Has anyone else tried this!? THANKS so much for the idea over at 'Fun art 4 kids!' Love that blog!


  1. Hey clever....

    How it been going this year. Isn't nice to be back in your room.
    Well anyway yes you can put the glaze right on green ware.. I never done it with kidos. But my personal work I have done it before. It works but sometime the glaze might look different or could act differently than normal.

    But hey if you have good luck with why not go with it.
    See you sometime this year at one of the powwows.

    1. Also I love your pin it button.

    2. Thanks! Going great Mr. R! How's your class!! I bet you glad to have space and not being traveling!
      Pin button took a little time for me to figure out, bit it's working.
      See ya some time soon I'm sure. Take care and have a good rest of your week!

  2. Ok, please fill me in on how you add a pin button to your blog. I've been trying to figure this out for months. I love your kindergarten projects.