Friday, November 2, 2012

Soldiers & Camouflage

2nd Grade Soldiers

2nd grade soldiers
Day 1 painted free form shapes
I drew this on the back of the students' 12x18 painted camouflage paper
Veteran's day is coming up next weekend, so to show our support in 2nd grade the students made their very own soldier. Day 1: we drew free form shapes that attached and then painted everything in with our color scheme of green, brown, black & tan. On day 2 I had drawn lines (see above) on the back of the students paper. They cut out the pieces, chose a skin tone and began to construct their soldier. Some made their dad, grandpa, aunt, uncle and even moms can be soldiers too! Some students added a name tag, stars, rank, flags and buttons. I'm sure the Veteran's who come to our celebration will enjoy seeing these up in the hall.
12X18 heavy paper
thin brushes
green, brown, black & tan paint
construction paper in skin tones
scrap box of paper to make small things


  1. Excellent project - and very relevant at the moment. This would be a popular one with the boys! :)Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! The boys did love this project, and some have even told me that they are so happy they know how to make camouflage on their own!

  2. Funny, I was just discussing making camo with my classes and you post it! I have done veterans, both young and old, in my classes, but not with camo. Excellent idea! I will do it, post it, and link back to you! Thanks so much!


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