Friday, May 24, 2013


Collaborative art-Ideas from Pinterest

Group Project- 5th Grade

Pirates by 2nd Grade

2nd Grade Standing Pirates- Toliet Paper Roll taped to the back for a 3-d effect

2nd Grade Standing Pirates

2nd Grade Parrots

2nd Grade Rainbow Parrots-End of the year Project

Last project for 1st grade

Flamingos-Last project by 1st grade: Idea- "365 Things to make and do" By Fiona Watt

Icecream soda Prints-Idea from: '365 Things to make and do' By Fiona Watt

Ice cream soda Prints-K

Icecream Soda Prints by Kindergarten

Classroom at the end of the year

This is it! The last day of school is here! I've had a hard time logging on to my Blog from school and home-so it's taken me a while to get a post up. Above are some of the group projects from the end of the year as well as some K, 1 & 2 last projects. It's all done, time to pack up & head out!! Thanks for a great year and I'll see you soon!!! HAPPY SUMMER!!

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  1. I adore the ice cream soda prints- what did the kids use to make the pink soda part? Love them! Thanks for sharing :)