Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow Globes-4th Grade

This project was back by popular demand! I saw a similar idea over at:, but we changed it up a little. Be prepared, this project took us a good 4 classes! Yikes, I know, but the results were SO worth it! We learned so much vocab with this one: perspective, close-up view, transparent, trapezoid, landscape, winter scene & fore, mid & background. The students really got into the inside drawing since it was supposed to look close to their home...some added some things like a fireplace :)! We started with the outdoor scene in the snow globe, drawing, colored pencils and diamond dust glitter in the snow. We added a trapezoid as the stand. Then we created our background, we drew the perspective part together, then they added their own home-like ideas, colored in with construction paper crayons. They look amazing hanging in our hallways! Great job 4Th graders!

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  1. Love this project! They did a great job, too.