Friday, May 20, 2011

3-D Block Letters

This is always a great lesson for the 5th graders, especially during the end of the school year! They were to choose the first letter of their first or last name, then I helped them draw it into a block letter on a piece of 12X18 tag board folded in half. Once they cut the letter they came out with two, had to build & measure 2 inch walls, stuff it will paper towels so it won't cave in and finally cover it with any paint color of their choice....whew! Now for the fun part, the clips! Student browsed through magazines looking for clips of interest to them, cutting and collecting. Once they had 30 clips they were able to glue them on and then finally a coat of Mod Podge was applied. The students always take pride in their own letter and I've been told by the younger brothers & sisters that their older sibling still has their letter hanging in their! I love keepsake projects!

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