Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Art Award Dilemma

I am getting ready to start working on my art awards for the 5th grade graduation ceremony. We are just in a K-5 building so our school holds a little graduation in honor of those 5th grade students. We have such a great group of 5th graders this year that I'm finding it so very hard to come up with the best way to give out awards and not leave someone out. In the past I've given two types of art awards: Art Excellence-for those students with true artistic talent & High Achiever- for those students who always try their very best and have great behavior. The whole 5th grade has pretty great behavior and they all try really hard, so I feel that will put the second award to rest. I have some students who love art and try so hard but they don't have the advanced talent I give for the Art Excellence award. Maybe I should just pick the top boy and girl from each class this year (we have 4 fifth grade classes!).

I just wanted to know what some of you do when you give out elementary awards or if you even give out awards at the elementary level. I never want to hurt feelings or leave out by picking so many, that's why I'm leaning towards 1 girl-1boy from each of the 4 classes this year. What do you think?


  1. i know, i HATE doing this, but the students love it and so do the parents. i give "art achievement" awards if they meet 2 of the 3 criteria: 1. an "O" (outstanding) in Art any of the 4 quarters. 2. earn the "Hall of Fame" award on Artsonia. 3. Win a ribbon at a community art show.

    This way, the kids know there is a criteria and that i'm not picking favorites! Good Luck!

  2. Exceptional Young Artist certificates (earned all A's on report cards all year) plus gift bag of art supplies
    Outstanding Young Artist certificates (earned A's and B's all year)
    Young Artist certificates (all B's)
    District Art Show ribbons and certificates (Best of School, 1st through 4th Place)
    Art Volunteer certificate (volunteered to help before school or during lunch recesses - certificates state how many volunteer hours) 1 student w/top number of hours is 'Outstanding Art Volunteer' & receives art supplies
    Most Improved Young Artist (jumps 3 letter grades from start of school to end of school)

    Hope this helps somewhat. Please don't feel that everybody needs to get something - My belief is that policy could demean the hard work others have done to earn their awards...

  3. Our principal makes us do 4th grade awards. She wants 2 from each of our 5 classes...and she does not want music, art, or p.e. to overlap students! NOT EASY! We really struggle with this some years...this being one of them. Sometimes it feels like we're giving out something to the least of evils. :( blah! I have one class that has 4 or 5 kids that deserve it..and others that have 1 or none!