Friday, October 5, 2012

Pumpkins with Glue Lines

Happy Happy Friday All! Here is a little project (2 day-er) I did with my 4th grade students this week. We talked about contour lines, how a raised surface from the glue creates a shallow relief, secondary colors and last how to make a lighter or darker shade of color without using black or white. I used this Pumpkin Tutorial to help guide them a bit. Sometimes I find my own demonstration is even better with another visual option...for all you visual learners out there! I got the inspiration pinspiration from HERE, she did the project with older grades. Love these, really brings some fall to the air hanging in the hallway! I'm outta here! Happy weekend Peeps!


  1. I love the appearance of the lines traced around the glue! :)

  2. More beautiful pumpkins - I can't get enough of them!!! (We don't really do these themes so much in Australia, but I'm loving the variety of posts that I'm seeing!) Are the pumpkins a fall theme (we don't have 'fall' in Queensland - most of our trees are green all year round) or a Halloween theme?? (Halloween isn't really Aussie either, although it's starting to catch on, and the kids LOVE it, although it can be tricky with some parents and the department! :)) Anyway, your pumpkins are beautiful and outlining the glue works so well :)

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Yes it's fall here in Missouri. Pumpkin's galore, leaves are changing and that crisp air has set in. The kids love doing fall themed projects & so do I ;)! It's a great way to teach the secondary colors with the pumpkin, sky and grass! I'd loved to visit Australia some day, I'm putting it on my retirement 'to-do' list! Happy Saturday to you!