Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Twist on an OLD project

This project has been around for ages...or as long as I've taught art ;) and I have always used torn paper see old TORN OWLS <------there. Since kindergarten just did torn paper Grovers HERE, I thought we'd do a little something different. Based on all of our cutting and gluing practice that's been taking place I knew the kids would do well with layering and over lapping. I had them trace and owl template I pre-made, then gave them several light, medium and dark browns (2x3) pieces to cut the bottom corners and little corners to create a "U" shape. Students glued the Tufts on first (pointing upwards), and then I came and made glue lines so they knew where to start at the bottom and layer the feathers upward. Finally we added eyes, beak and sharp talons ;)! This took about 55 minutes including a little 5 minute clean up. The last 5 minutes we talked about the life of and owl, discussed predators & prey as well as learning some parts of the owl. A nice little once day-er as I like to call it! Happy Wednesday Artsy Peeps!

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  1. Very nice, and a great way to teach overlapping AND practice gutting and gluing! :)