Friday, October 26, 2012

Victorian Haunted Houses

Always a favorite with my 5th grade students! We discuss the Victorian era of Architecture and how times were about 100 years ago. We compared several styles of architecture: colonial and their symmetry; cape cod style with their dormers; and bungalow homes with overhang porches. We also looked at present day style of homes (Ranch style) and how things have changed --attached garages, one story with basements, & central air. There were a few great videos on YouTube that showed the gorgeous details of these Victorian style homes, some even showed the interior.
I showed the students how to break down these homes into geometric shapes and then add spooky details, but not too many or it could get cheesy looking. I bought some architecture texture plates for this project and am so happy with the results! Students used colored pencils for the color and the texture plates only in the facade. Fun, fun, fun!!


  1. These look great - you can see all the work that went into these! Congrats on a well-developed lesson...

  2. What a great take on the traditional 'haunted house' I like that you integrated architecture into the lesson, I think architecture is one of those topics than can get overlooked in elementary art education so any lesson that I see that incorporates it makes me happy!