Friday, October 12, 2012

Secondary Color Mixed Pumpkins

First graders mixed colors and painted lots of paper for these fun little pumpkin collages. Day one the students were only given the primary colors and had to mix to make the secondary colors. Orange & violet on 9x12, & the green was 6x9 size white paper. Today we cut the violet into 'horizontal' strips and glued onto a 12x18 purple sheet. On the orange they drew a LARGE oval for the pumpkin & added their own face creation from the black, white and brown paper I had for them. Last they used 'vertical' lines for the grass. Nice job kids! So fun to see these in the hall! Happy Friday Y'all!!


  1. You blog makes me miss elementary! It's nice to see these great works!

  2. These are so cute and I love the backgrounds!