Friday, November 9, 2012

Statue of Liberty & Patriotic Symbols

I credit this idea to BlueMoonPalette! I thought she had an awesome idea so I wanted to try it out myself. We've had an off week with conferences, professional development get the idea. That however has left some classes leaps and bounds ahead of other that's when I break out a trial project-you know, one you've seen but didn't know where to fit it in, will it work...ect. So I tried this with a 4th and 5th grade and both did well. Honestly I can't tell the difference between the grades. We started with a ruler and sharpie--no pencils--have confidence folks! They could use diagonal, horizontal & vertical to fill the simple buildings. Students had to free hand the flag and they could color the flag with any medium, most chose markers. Right before we drew Lady Liberty together we watched this short film twice, yea TWICE--it has a lot of good information but it goes really FAST! The kids picked up more things the second time around. A good little project to teach about patriotism, fore-mid-background, pattern, color, shape..lots can go into this. I think I'll stash it and do it again next year.
12X18 White
Any color medium
9X12 light green

Happy Veterans Day to all the Veterans! Thanks for all you do or have done for our country!
Below are two of my favorite veterans-my grandpas!
Miss you & love you both!

Korean War Veteran- Donald Porter

World War II Veteran -Wayne Briscoe

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