Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Project Over Load!

A snapshot of the board examples...we're in the holiday spirit 'round here!

So whatcha gonna do, I've been quite the slacker on my blog post, just a little busy I'd say. Here are just a few examples of what's happening in the art room. The kids are so excited this time of year and keeping them hard at work on holiday projects doesn't really seem like work at all! Some of the art projects are classic favs of mine and although I do like keeping new stuff floating in the mix, the older things keep getting better and better each year. The top is a newer project the 'Whimsical Tree.' I got this idea from a paint place here, where people can go in groups or for parties and paint, snacks, drinks and fun. Looks like a hoot, I haven't found one in the St. Louis area yet so if anyone knows of one let me know! I do know there is one in Columbia, MO here.

Whimsical Tree-Basic step by step and watercolor fun!

Next is the Candy Cane over lap project. I found this project years ago when the blog world was just a baby ;)-the post is here.

Candy Cane Overlap

Elf on a Shelf- Kindergarten

Elf on the Shelf using simple shapes and lines. A huge hit with the Kindergartners who all have Elves in their classrooms.

Snow globes by 4th graders- Read more here.

String the lights- From 'Art Project Girl' a while back, couldn't find the link.

Reindeer stuck on the window: here!

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays to ALL!!!

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