Friday, January 18, 2013

More Wolf Kahn Trees-3rd

I pulled this project out from two years ago (original post)  and decided to change some things. We really always keep growing as teachers. I decided this time to have the students add a shadow to the trees using the color that would be the next shade darker. The students used oil pastels and pressed very hard with color #1 and then on just one side and branches with the next shade darker- color #2. On day 2 we studied the color wheel and chose contrasting analogous colors for the watercolor background. I added salt at the end and came out with a nice wintry scene. We also looked at several paintings by Wolf Kahn- HERE.


  1. Wow this will help me. I tried a Wolf Kahn landscape in chalk pastel in 3rd grade last year, and lets just say it was not as successful as I had hoped lol!

    1. We always grow as a teacher! This was my second attempt and it went much better than the first! Glad to help!